Easton Is One

Easton Is One!

My little friend Easton is one-year-old already! To celebrate, I met up with him and his mom and dad, Amanda and Nolan, at the Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard in Jordan, Minnesota to capture his one-year-old portraits.

Easton is one-year-old! His portrait in a grassy field.

Pretty. Darn. Cute.

It seems like such a short time ago that we photographed Easton as an adorable newborn baby!

Newborn baby boy photos of a ten-day-old boy and his mom and dad laying on the floor.

“Resting with my mommy and daddy!”

Over the past year, I’ve also had the pleasure of creating his three-month-old photos, his six-month-old pictures at Christmas time, as well as his nine-month-old portraits too! Each time has been a total pleasure as Easton is as easy going as a baby boy can be. He’s pretty darn cute too!

Photography at Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard

The decision to use Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard as the portrait location was a sentimental one for Nolan and Amanda. It’s there that we photographed their engagement portraits back in May of 2015. That was an interesting engagement session in that we photographed much of it in the rain. The images turned out pretty darn well too!

Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard engagement portraits in Jordan, Minnesota. Engagement image of a couple kissing by an old antique car under an umbrella in the rain.

Nolan & Amanda kissing by an old antique car in the rain.

It turns out that those awesome engagement images were just the tip of the iceberg. Their wonderful destination wedding photographs at Grand View Lodge the following January turned out amazing too!

A pretty destination wedding photograph of a bride and groom taken at night with the historic Grandview Lodge in the distant background.

A pretty night shot with Grand View Lodge as the backdrop.

Back To 2019

I met up with Easton, Nolan, and Amanda in the main building at the orchard. I walked into the room and right away Easton reached out to me to hold him! Right there, I knew this was going to be a fun session!

We visited for a few minutes and then I went back to the car to get my gear and set up “Lightning McQueen” to give me some much-needed help with lighting on this sunny June evening.

Easton is one-year-old! His portrait staring next to a tree.

Cute one-year-old Easton using a tree for support (not for much longer)!

Because of the sunny conditions, I selected locations that were in the shade, using Lightning to fill in the heavy shadows as needed. Easton was awesome (mom and dad were good too) and the images we created out wonderful! The only downer was all of the gnats. They were pretty heavy at times, but we got through it without getting bitten too badly.

There’s A (short) Movie!

Easton is one-year-old!

Easton’s family portrait created at the Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard.

As I like to do with many of our weddings and portraits, I’ve created a cute highlight video with some of my favorite images from Easton’s one-year-old portrait session. It will most certainly bring a smile to your face. Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

“Easton Is One” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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