Easter Photos with Real Bunnies

Easter Photos with Real Bunnies

Happy Easter everyone! We want to share another of our Easter photos with real bunnies this blessed Easter morning! Here are Anthony & Alex! These sweet two-and-a-half-year-old twin brothers had a blast with our bunnies, Jack and Cookie Dough! So much so, that I thought writing a story about it was very fitting. So, here goes!

Easter photos with real bunnies of two tin brothers.

Anthony & Alex with our bunnies, Jack and Cookie Dough!

History Repeating

Joannie and I have more than a little history with this wonderful family. Where to begin?

We’ve known the whole family for decades. I used to work in the grocery business (before becoming a professional photographer) with Anthony & Alex’s great-uncle, Bill (junior). And Joannie was the hair stylist for the twins’ great-grandmother, Sylvia, for many, many years. And, Joannie grew up in the same neighborhood as their great grandparents, Sylvia and Bill (senior)!

A cute boy has his Easter photos taken with real bunnies.

Anthony has a seat with Jack and Cookie Dough.

Then, once I became a professional photographer, we photographed all four of the “kids” weddings! First was Bill and Heather’s in 1990, then Jeff and Mary Jo’s in 1991, then Allison and Brian’s in 1993, and lastly, Annie and Kurt’s wedding in 1998. Through the years, there were family portraits created from time to time as well!

And, when Anthony & Alex’s dad, A.J., was a little shaver, Allison and Brian had me photograph his Easter portraits with our real bunnies! Everything has now come full circle. I guess we’ve been doing this for a while, haven’t we?!

The Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

As we’ve been doing for over 30 years now, our Easter portraits with real bunnies help us to raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in Mounds View, Minnesota. Thanks to our bunnies and wonderful clients, we’ve raised thousands and thousands of dollars for those in need. And we plan on continuing to do the same for years to come!

A sweet little boy has his Easter photos created with real bunnies.

Alex gets up close and personal with our cute bunny, Jack!

Three’s Company!

To top it all off, during their cute bunny photos, AJ and Lexi (Mom and Dad), added a great surprise with the reveal of the boy’s baby sister! The little lady is “scheduled” for arrival this coming August! Sweet!

Twin boys cute Easter photos with real bunnies.

Anthony & Alex are having fun with the bunnies while announcing the arrival of their baby sister in August.

We’ve got a cute music video with lots of adorable photos, and some video clips, from Anthony and Alex’s Easter pictures with real bunnies, Jack and Cookie Dough. We know you’ll enjoy it. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and have a Happy Easter! – Mike & Joannie

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