Adorable Easter Photos

Adorable Easter Photos

Adorable Easter photos of a cute little girl on a bench with two cute bunnies.

Miss Delilah hanging out with Jack and Cookie Dough!

We have some adorable Easter photos to share with you today! Meet sweet three-year-old Delilah, along with our two cute bunnies, “Jack” and “Cookie Dough”! Miss Delilah arrived to visit our bunnies along with her grandmother and great-grandmother. We all enjoyed watching her cuddle and enjoy Jack and Cookie Dough. She put on quite a show!

One fun thing to note is that Delilah is wearing the very same dress that her mom wore when she had her Easter photos done, also with real bunnies, many years ago. That’s pretty cool!

What’s In A Name?

Adorable Easter photos for a there-year-old feeding a carrot to a pair of real bunnies.

“Lunch Time!” Delilah feeds a carrot to Cookie Dough.

As had been the tradition the last several years, our two oldest grandkids, Riley and Ryder, have been given the important job of giving our bunnies their names. Each one of them gets to make the call for one bunny. Ryder always seems to go very traditional with his name selections. He gave our brown bunny the name, “Jack.” Riley, on the other hand, seems to go a bit more “bold” with her name selections. “Cookie Dough” was the name she came up with for our Lop-eared bunny. And, when you look at Cookie Dough, her coloring does kind of look a bit like her name implies! Like what Cookie Dough Ice Cream looks like!

Easter Bunny Photos – Raising Money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

Just like we’ve been doing for many, many years, our Easter Bunny Photos are helping us to raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf. Ralph Reeder is located very near our studio, also in Mounds View, MN. I’m pretty certain that we’ve raised well over $30,000 over the years! A big thank you to our clients for helping to make that happen every year!

An adorable three-year-old cuddling a real Easter bunny.

Time for a hug!

There’s Still Time to Have Your Very Own Easter Portraits with Real Bunnies!

We still have openings available if you’d like to join us for our 2024 Easter Bunny Photos. The bunnies will be here until Easter. Please use the link below to sign up for your very own Easter Bunny Experience with Jack and Cookie Dough!

Click here to meet Jack and Cookie Dough.

A sweet little girl holding a cute Easter bunny with another bunny in a basket nearby.

“Look at me, I’m holding a real bunny!”

I’ve put together a cute music video from Delilah’s fun visit with Jack and Cookie Dough. Please check it out below. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our past. – M&J

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