Brooks’ Three-Month-Old Portraits

Brooks’ Three-Month-Old Portraits

We have some of Brooks’ three-month-old portraits to share with you today. As you can see, this little guy is awfully cute! His mommy brought him to the studio a short time ago and he greeted me with a big smile while still in his car seat!

It seems like Brooks was just here for his newborn portraits. But since the summer flew by just as fast, here he is already three-months-old! Don’t you wish you could slow time down just a little bit?

One Happy Little Guy

My favorite images of Brooks are of him on his tummy. Most babies are not real thrilled with being on their tummy’s for very long at three-months-old, but this little dude actually liked it! Mommy got him to smile and “talk” to her while he was on his tummy. His conversation with her was pretty cute!

A happy little Brooks' three-month-old portraits.

What a happy little dude!

With fall here now, all of Brooks’ three-month-old photos had him wearing adorable warmer weather clothes. Each outfit was really cute on him and made him look pretty grown up for his age. Baby boy clothing is getting much cuter than it used to be. It was always easy to find cute baby girl clothing, but not so much for boys. It’s nice to see the table turned for little dudes now.

Brooks Will Meet Saint Nick

Next up for Brooks will be a visit with the one-and-only Santa Claus at “The Best Best Santa Experience” coming up in early November. I can’t wait to see what Brooks does with Santa’s beard! It should be pretty darn cute, that’s for sure! We also have his six-month-old portraits scheduled for mid-December too. We’ll be sure to post images from both sessions.

We’ve put together a cute highlight music video of Brooks’ three-month-old pictures with many of our favorite images and a few short video clips. Please check it out and have a great Sunday! – M&J


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