Ardan Park Family Portraits

Ardan Park Family Portraits

Last Thursday morning I had the pleasure of creating Ardan Park family portraits of the Brenk crew. Originally, we were going to use our Portrait Park, but it was a very sunny day with no cloud cover. Since our Portrait Park faces the east, it was a no-go for any morning portraits there as the lighting was just too harsh.

So I met them in our driveway and we drove all the way to the park (about 5 blocks away) to create their Ardan Park family photos at this nicely shaded spot. It’s not the first time that I’ve used Arden Park for portraits on sunny days. Since it faces west, it’s my early morning go-to spot on sunny days.

Ardan Park family portrait of the family running with the family dog!

Ready, set, go! The Brenk family photo “on the run”!

I had “Lightning McQueen” with me to help add fill light to most of the images. Since it wasn’t too windy, so I also used our 48″ and 36″ softboxes to soften the light even more.

While we did create their Ardan Park family pictures, including images with Gunner, the family dog, the real purpose of the session was to celebrate and create portraits for both Katie’s seven-year-old, and little Charlotte’s three-month-old milestones.

Katie’s Gymnastic Photo Shoot

Ardan Park family portraits of a cute seven-year-old girl.

Katie’s cute seven-year-old portrait.

Katie’s really into both gymnastics and dance, and she’s getting pretty darn good at both! So after a couple of “normal” portraits, she changed into a dance outfit and showed me her stuff! I kept teasing her that the poses must really hurt, but she just smiled and said “no” each time. Katie also knows a lot of different poses!

Ardan Park family portraits of a cute seven-year-old girl doing a gymnastic pose.

Katie showing her “Uncle Mike” one of her gymnastic poses!

Three-Month-Old Baby Photos

Little Charlotte, or “Charlie” as she’s affectionately called, was her usual cute adorable self. I don’t think she was totally excited about the whole deal, but she was pretty happy after a feeding break. Since we were so close to our studio, I ran back to get some blankets for her to lay on for her photos.

Ardan Park family portraits of a cute three-month-old baby girl.

Little Charlotte is three months old already!

You can also enjoy Charlie’s adorable eleven-day-old newborn portraits at this link.

Three and Three Quarter Year Old Photos

Then there’s sweet little Lucy. Miss Lucy wasn’t really “scheduled” for her individual portraits (she doesn’t turn four until September), but who can say no to such a cute little bugger. Lucy’s just a bundle of joy to be around (just like her older and younger sisters), so kind and totally into her family.

Ardan Park family portraits of a cute three-year-old girl.

Lucy’s “3 3/4” year-old action photo! Look at that wonderful smile!

Lucy is also totally into running, so that’s what we, or should I say they, did! After a couple of “walking” family portraits, we gave “running” a try (see above). It was just the ticket for getting real smiles of joy from Lucy. It worked so well that Lucy did a little running for her individual photos too.

Pet Portraits in Ardan Park

Lastly, Gunner also had his pet portrait done too. What a good-looking “wow-wow” that Gunner is!

Ardan Park family portraits of the family dog.

Gunner’s up-to-date pet portrait!

I’ve put together a short music video with many of my favorite images from the Brenk’s Ardan Park family portraits. That’s for watching it and have a great day! – M&J

Ardan Park Family Portraits” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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