Eleven-Day-Old Newborn Photos

Charlotte’s Eleven-Day-Old Newborn Photos

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of creating Charlotte’s eleven-day-old newborn photos right in her living room. I don’t often get to do a lot of on-location baby portraits, but with spring finally here, it was kind of nice to get out of the studio for a few hours.

Charlotte's eleven-day-old newborn photos.

Wide-awake and cute as can be!

This little lady is the baby sister to a couple of my favorite kids, Miss Katie and Miss Lucy, both of which I also photographed when each of them was a newborn baby! Unfortunately for me, Katie was in school and I didn’t get to see her. But Lucy came home from pre-school in time for me to visit with her and talk about her new baby sister. These two “big sisters” are just as sweet as can be and I know they will be great examples for their little sis.

Charlotte's eleven-day-old newborn photos. A close-up photo of her tiny feet.

Little tiny toes!

We started out with some cute mommy and baby photos. Then both Mom and grandma watched as Charlotte, known also as “Charlie”, decided to be awake for much of her eleven-day-old newborn portraits. I’m not too surprised because this little cutie pie came into the world long after her “due date”. She’s basically almost two weeks older physically, which means that she’s awake a little bit more every day.

Eleven-day-old newborn photos of Charlotte and her mommy.

Mommy & me!

Charlie or Charlotte?

Now for a word or two about how Charlotte’s name came to be. Throughout the entire pregnancy, the whole family called the baby in mom’s tummy “Charlie”. It originally was mostly just for Katie and Lucy. JoJo and Mike (mom and dad) decided to wait until “Charlie” arrived to find out whether they had a boy or a girl. As it got closer to the actual arrival date they figured they would stay with either Charlie or Charlotte since they had been using the name all along and it seemed right!

Charlotte takes a little nap during her eleven-day-old newborn photos.

The little angel takes a “short” nap.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Charlotte’s eleven-day-old newborn pictures, I’ve created a cute little music video with some of the images and a few short video clips too. Enjoy and have a great weekend! – M&J

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