Aamodt’s Apple Farm Engagement Portraits

Tony and Tessa’s (and their son Sean) Aamodt’s Apple Farm Engagement Portraits!

Engagement portrait in the orchard at Aamodt's Apple Farm in Stillwater, MN.

In the apple orchard.

Aamodt’s Apple Farm Engagement Portraits

I think in all the years that I’ve been a wedding and portrait photographer, this is the first time I’ve ever created Aamodt’s Apple Farm engagement portraits. Joannie and I have been there countless times over the years just for fun especially the last two years as we’ve taken our granddaughter Riley each year since she was born.

We love the atmosphere (and the apples!) and the overall look and feel of this pretty place. We’ve also been to St. Croix Vinery, which is right there on the property for wine tasting on more than one occasion as well.

Well, on this Thursday afternoon I met Tony, Tessa and their son Sean there to create their Aamodt’s Apple Farm engagement pictures. To my surprise, Aamodt’s was very busy that afternoon. There were people and kids everywhere and I couldn’t figure out why until it dawned on me that it was MEA! It was just like being there on a Saturday or Sunday! There were hay rides, animals, grilling and fresh popcorn just like on a busy weekend! Kind of fun to see all that activity around, yet not too busy that we couldn’t get some pretty Aamodt’s Apple Farm engagement photos taken.

Color infrared engagement portrait taken at Aamodt's Apple Farm in Stillwater, MN.

Color infrared at Aamodt’s.

Kids Will Be Kids

As you can see, Sean is a really cute little dude and it was fun to capture some of his actions and energy during the session. We took a little stroll in the apple orchard and it was fun to watch him take it all in. We had a party cloudy sky that afternoon, so there were times when we had to wait it out for the sun to go behind the clouds. All the while Sean was just happy to hang out with us.

Engagement portrait on hay bales taken at Aamodts Apple Farm in Stillwater, MN.

Sean is a cutie!

I really like the times when he makes his cameos during Tony & Tessa’s portraits “alone.” Fun!

Tony & Tessa will be getting married next June and we look forward to their wedding and the return of summer in 2016! We hope you enjoy their images and the highlight music video of their Aamodt’s Apple Farm engagement portraits!

“Aamodt’s Apple Farm Engagement Portraits” -©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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