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Joannie & I are a husband and wife wedding photography team with more than 31 years of experience providing award winning wedding photography. Together, we have photographed hundreds of weddings in the Minneapolis area and all over the United States as well.

You have dozens of things to worry about, your wedding photographer shouldn’t be one of them. Joannie and I believe that before, during and after your wedding day you should Experience the Experience.”

We set out to do everything they can to make sure that you have a fun and enjoyable wedding day together with your family and friends.

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Voted best Twin Cities Wedding Photographer: 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017


Experience & Trust

We offer you something that is very rare in wedding photography.

Very few wedding photographers have anywhere near the many years of actual wedding photography training, real life wedding experiences and the knowledge that Joannie and I have. There’s far fewer wedding photography studios that even have a husband and wife wedding photography team at all.

As a bride and groom, we know it can be challenging to choose any wedding vendor let alone your wedding photographer. There are simply too many options out there and unfortunately many of them are here today and gone tomorrow. It can be especially difficult if you don’t have a referral from a friend or that friend had a bad wedding experience. The latter is actually helpful because at least you can take that wedding vendor off your list.

Many times for any type of buying decision, when you can’t see a difference or don’t know that one exists, the purchasing decision is then made based on price. When in reality, that’s the last thing you should look at. These are your wedding photographs, they cannot be redone at another time if they didn’t work out that day or the photographer was a jerk. It’s got to be done right the first and only time.Bride & groom enjoying a quiet moment on a swing before their Mississippi Gardens wedding reception in Minneapolis, MN.

Of course, you should be realistic when it comes to your wedding budget, make sure you look at the big picture (pun intended) and get as many facts as you can before you choose any wedding vendor. Saving a few hundred dollars and hating your wedding photographer or worse, your wedding photographs; certainly won’t be worth it for you in the long run.

You need look no further than the informative, fun article that I wrote entitled “The Top 20!”

These are just twenty of the many reasons that set our studio, Michael Anderson Photography, apart from the rest of the Minneapolis wedding photographers out there.

In addition to The Top 20, there are many more significant differences between our high quality full time professional photography studio and many of the big internet wedding photography companies out there.

Wedding photography with us is very, very different from the big, low budget wedding photography companies. I have been a full time professional photographer and the studio’s owner since we opened our photography studio in September of 1986. Joannie & I put our personal touches into every portrait and every wedding we photograph. We are a not “for hire” sub contractor who has no commitment to the company or to you the couple.

Many times with the companies you find on the web, you won’t even meet your wedding photographer until the wedding day! How silly is that?

Quality Matters

To maintain our strict quality standards we do not send part time photographers or sub contractors to photograph your wedding. It’s us, Michael & Joannie and no one else.

Unlike many of the wedding photography companies you see, we shoot only RAW files with our cameras, never compressed jpeg images. With some of the “big box” companies, because they do everything over the internet, their part time wedding sub contractors can only submit compressed images back to the company. This results in a huge loss in the potential quality of YOUR wedding photographs!

The difference in final image quality between RAW vs. compressed files can be very, very noticeable. Many times, it’s the difference between an OK wedding picture and an amazing wedding photograph!

There is another major item that sets our wedding photography apart from those big web guys. Many of those companies have shooting restrictions on their wedding photographers. One local Twins Cities wedding company says no more than 100 images per hour of coverage and the National chains have a preferred maximum of 120 images per hour of coverage (and theirs are all in jpeg format).

And finally, you will go through a lot of effort to look the best you can on your wedding day. Hair, make up, the perfect dress, flowers, decorations and much more. Why wouldn’t you want your wedding photographs to look their best too?

Here at our studio, I personally retouch and enhance every single print the studio produces for you and your entire wedding storybook too. You probably will not find any other wedding photographer anywhere that does that. It takes too much time or they simply don’t know how to do it. Here at our studio, it’s included for all of our custom prints and albums.

Many other studios have it hired out if they even do it at all. How would you like it if someone who wasn’t even at your wedding was making decisions about how your wedding photographs looked? You can enjoy some great examples of the type of enhancements that we make to our clients wedding photographs in our special Wedding Photography Before and After gallery.

Quality and value for your money.

If you are serious about having a really fun wedding day and also getting a lot of really awesome wedding photographs too, you owe it to yourself to check out our wedding and portrait studio. Joannie & I have been considered as some of the best wedding photographers in Minnesota and the Minneapolis area since 1986. You will not be disappointed.

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Wedding Photography Testimonials

Here is a small sample of what brides & grooms have to say about their wedding day experience with Michael & Joannie Anderson. There are many more testimonials on our “Best Wedding Photographers in Minnesota” page and also on our “Wedding Day Memories” pages:

“Michael and Joannie are professional and very fun! They shot our engagement photos as well as our wedding. We couldn’t have asked for better photographers as they were very easy to work with in which there was never a dull moment. You can tell they take what they do seriously and it was obvious to us they loved and enjoyed what they do as well.

During some of the posed photos we took I myself would run out of ideas on how to pose or where to put hands etc. and Michael always had something up his sleeve to make each shot great. Also whatever we were up for to get a great shot they were up for as well. Even well after their duty as photographers was over on our wedding day they pulled their gear out at the end of the night to capture they wedding party and guests jumping in Lake Superior.

A wedding party takes a swim in Lake Superior under a near full moon. Photo taken at the conclusion of their Superior Shores wedding dance.

Full moon!

I would recommend these two too anyone looking for a fun and professional photographer and we will be using them again in the future.”

Kaitlin & Steve on The Knot


“We have nothing but good words to say about Michael and Joannie! They are the best photography team I have ever met and their work is simply fantastic!

A stunning sunset wedding photograph of a bride & groom. Wedding photo taken during their Saint James Hotel wedding reception.

John & Lindsay enjoy a beautiful sunset!

We started with beautiful fall engagement pictures and ended with a beautiful summer wedding. They are caring, professional and efficient. We had such a great day with them, they captured every moment and more- we also had a lot of compliments from guests and family members.

We highly recommended Michael and Joannie!”

Lindsay & John on Google


“Michael and Joannie Anderson are truly the best photographers out there! Not only is the quality of their work unmatched, their fun and infectious personalities will make all the difference in your event!

We had so much fun working with Michael and Joannie on our wedding day, and I know our guests did too, as many of our family and friends commented on how great they were.

Groom and his groomsmen jumping high in the air. A fun wedding photograph taken at Brackett's Crossing Country Club in Lakeville, MN.

Da Boys!

If you want to have a photographer who truly cares about you and your event, keeps the energy high but the atmosphere relaxed, and end up with some truly amazing photographs at the end of it all, you’ve found your team!

Thank you again Michael and Joannie! You guys are the best!”

Brett & Haylee on Google


“Michael & Joannie Anderson are honestly the BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS!. Jay’s side of the family had about 70 people and they took enough time to ensure everyone was seen, eyes open, and smiling. I cannot tell you how many people came up to us and told us how much they appreciated the time they spent on them.

Bride & groom kissing while their guests wave sparklers. Image taken at The Hitchin' Post in New Richmond, WI.


My favorite part was the sparkler photos. I told them we wanted a “sparkler exit” of which they took amazing photos. But they did not just stop there, they ended up trying some other cool things out with just Jay and I. It was magical.

Everyone who asks me, I say go with Michael & Joannie Anderson. They are 100% worth every penny if not more! Seriously, your best decision will be to pick them!”

Vanessa & Jay on Google


“Michael and Joannie are phenomenal!

Beautiful wedding photograph of a bride and groom kissing on a stone bridge. Image taken at night at TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, MN.

Nighttime at the TPC Twin Cities.

They are all-star photographers who worked efficiently and diligently to make sure that we got all of our desired photos, and more! We could see evidence of their years of experience in their creative vision to “see” shots that none of us could, their time management, their top-notch equipment, and their zest and passion for photography.

This duo is the real deal, and I would recommend them to EVERYONE!”

Michelle & Adam – on The Knot


“Michael and Joannie made such a great team photographing our wedding. We did not know what to expect of the day and we did not know how to start. Michael did a fantastic job explaining options to us about how to do photos for the day.

Dave and Gina take a little stroll during their Minneapolis Profile Event Center wedding.

Dave and Gina getting a little quiet time.

I was very apprehensive to do photos before the ceremony, I wanted our first look to be something special. My husband wanted photos before so we could get as much done before the ceremony as possible so we could do some fun photos after the ceremony. Michael explained how he would do a first look with just the two of us. It worked out WONDERFUL! The photos turned out so amazing. They really know what they are doing as a team.

We could not have asked for better wedding photos from the day. We wanted a photographer who knew the lighting of the Profile Event Center. It has some crazy fun lights and we wanted to make sure we would have the best photos of the day. They had been there before. They did such a great job getting photos of families, candids, and the ceremony.

We cannot wait to go back for more photos in the future! :-)”

Gina & Dave


Semple Mansion Wedding Photos of Patrick and Brittany in the wine cellar before their wedding at the Semple Mansion in Minneapolis, MN.

Patrick and Brittany in the wine cellar just before their wedding at the Semple Mansion.

“Michael and Joannie photographed our wedding this past fall, and they were absolutely wonderful! These two are true professionals who gave us the photographs we were dreaming of. Having the two of them there taking pictures provided us with an exceptional amount of both traditional and candid shots, and they really captured all of our memories throughout the day.

In addition to being excellent photographers, Michael and Joannie are wonderful people to be around. Getting to know them during our engagement pictures, wedding weekend, and photo review sessions was truly a joy. They effortlessly made us feel comfortable during our photographs, and got along extremely well with our family (all of whom raved about how wonderful our photographers were at the wedding).

We could not have asked for two better people to share our once in a lifetime weekend with, and will definitely be using them again for photographs in the future!”

Patrick & Brittany


Bride & groom in a kissing toast near The Winery in downtown Cannon Falls, MN.

Here’s to us!

“I’ve been married for just over a month, and was just lamenting today that my wedding was such a whirl-wind that I don’t remember lots of it. But then I came back and looked at the photos from Michael Anderson Photography and it all came back to me. He takes such beautiful photos it was like getting married all over again.

We were supposed to get married outside, but had to go to our backup plan due to rain. Michael and Joannie, however, were super flexible and accommodating and we even got to have some pictures taken out at the vineyard where we were supposed to be wed. That involved changing cameras and lights and things, but they wanted us to have great pictures.

At the church, they had to change lenses and the like again, but again it was a non-issue. Michael and Joannie kept us loose and relaxed throughout the whole stressful, rainy process, and our happiness is evident in the photos.

I can’t recommend Michael Anderson Photography highly enough.”

Laura & Max


Bride and groom enjoying the sunset on the swing at Hope Glen Farm in Cottage Grove, MN. Before image retouching and enhancement.

Terry and Angie enjoy the sunset on the swing at Hope Glen Farm (before).

“Michael Anderson of Michael Anderson Photography provided exceptional coverage of our outdoor wedding and reception. Michael was always taking photographs but never felt overbearing or in our face. He was able to adapt to constantly changing lighting situations as the clouds moved in and out at a moments notice.

We found him to be a great communicator and listener as he directed us and as we suggested our own ideas.

Michael had great photographic vision and was very willing to try our ideas, too. He was always conscious of our needs which made for a relaxed experience. Michael had a great rapport with us and our families throughout the day putting everyone at ease. He was great with our shy flower girls and ring bearer… making them laugh and smile all day.

Overall, we would highly recommend Michael Anderson Photography.”

Angela & Terry

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