The Dunk – Irondale Basketball Senior Photos

The Dunk – Irondale Basketball Senior Photos

Last week, we highlighted some of Jack’s Irondale basketball senior photos. Jack is a Class of 2020 senior at Irondale High School in New Brighton, MN. All of those images were photographed in our studio on green screen. Then, in post-production, I created several cool sports composites with those images. But there’s more!

I wanted to do something extra special for Jack that I’ve never attempted before. A series of images to be combined into one cool image. Since schools are closed right now, we couldn’t use the basketball court at Irondale. So, we would use Jack’s “Home Court” advantage to create this one instead.

Close up of an Irondale High School senior boy shooting a basketball.

The Put-Back.

Since Jack literally lives right across the street from us, I set-up my lights for a series of images that I would combine into one in post-production. Then, I had Jack and his parents come outside for the photo session right there in their driveway!

Home Court Advantage

Talk about “social distancing”! I placed the camera on a tripod in our driveway and made all of the exposures from our house about 100 feet away. My lights were all triggered via radio-slave and were in position all over their lawn all aimed at Jack and his “Home Court”.

Once it got dark enough to make Jack’s house “disappear” in the background, we got to work having him do a series of lay-ups and dunks right there in the driveway. It was a very unique experience for all of us!

A series of Irondale basketball senior photos of a boy dunking a basketball.

The Dunk!

The Dunk

Creating “The Dunk” panorama wasn’t as easy to do in post-production as I hoped it would be, but after quite a bit of tweaking, I’m really pleased with the final composite. “Slam Dunk” and the “Put-Back” were photographed just for the fun of it and they turned pretty cool too!

Close up of an Irondale High School senior boy dunking a basketball.

Slam Dunk!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Jack’s cool senior photos and we thank you for reading our post. Please be safe out there!- M&J

“The Dunk – Irondale Basketball Senior Photos” – © 2020 Michael Anderson Photography.

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