Sydney’s Two Week Old Newborn Portraits

Two-Week-Old Newborn Portraits of Miss Sydney!

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to photograph Sydney’s two-week-old newborn portraits and her first official family portraits too!

Sydney's first official family portrait taken at Michael Anderson Photography.

Sydney’s first official family portrait!

Sydney has two older brothers, Jackson and Jacob, and they love their baby sister a lot! It was fun watching Jacob, the youngest brother, wanting to hold his little sister just like his older brother did. So we carefully coached him and worked quickly in case he changed his mind about the idea if you know what I mean!

After the family portraits were completed, dad took the boys to grandma & grandpa’s cabin and mom and I got down to business creating Sydney’s two-week-old newborn portraits.

One of Sydney's adorable two-week-old newborn portraits taken while she took a nap!

One of Sydney’s adorable two-week-old newborn portraits!

As I’ve mentioned many times before, newborn photography is a time-consuming adventure of total cuteness. There’s diaper changes, feedings and then there’s more diaper changes and feedings. Hopefully, somewhere in there the baby takes a nap so the images can be created. A sleeping baby is always best because there’s no-fly away arms and legs and you can “pose” them the way you want to (sometimes).

Sydney’s two-week-old newborn portraits were no different than many of the babies I’ve had the opportunity to photograph one the years. She wanted to be awake to see what was going on! No problem, more milk, please! Finally, we had success getting her to fall asleep.

Our final image created during Sydney’s two-week-old newborn portraits was with mom’s wedding dress! I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out with our new wood studio floor and one of our classic painted backgrounds. Pretty.

Two week old newborn portraits taken while the baby took a nap on her mom's wedding dress!

One of Sydney’s sweet two week old newborn portraits taken while she took a nap on mom’s wedding dress!

Here’s a sweet little highlight music video I’ve created with many of Sydney’s newborn portraits as well as some fun images from the family portraits too. Enjoy! – M&J

“Sydney’s Two Week Old Newborn Portraits” – ©2017 Michael Anderson Photography.

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