Newborn Photography – Liv is Twelve Days Old!

Newborn photography of Beautiful Liv at just twelve days old!

I had the pleasure of having little Miss Liv in the studio yesterday! This little cutie is just twelve days old and already needs a haircut! You gotta love all that dark hair (I’d like to borrow some)!

Newborn portrait of a baby girl at twelve days old.

Miss Liv at twelve days old!

So as with most babies, the portrait session started with a feeding session. Gotta have a full tummy to have your portraits taken! From there on it was smooth sailing; because she slept through the whole session!

She (unknowingly) held onto mom and dad’s wedding rings and occasionally gave them a little toss whenever she got startled. This little lady is so adorable and pretty strong for such a little bugger!

I’m pretty sure you’re going to love Liv’s newborn photography music highlight video!

“Newborn photography of Liv at just twelve days old!” – Images and video ©2014 Minnesota’s Husband and Wife Wedding Photography Team at Michael Anderson Photography.

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