Logan’s Two Year Old Portraits

Here’s Logan’s Cute Two Year Old Portraits.

Friday, my little bud Logan dropped the studio by for his two year old portraits. This dude is getting so big! It seems like yesterday that we were taking his newborn portraits!

Two year old portraits of Logan in his Minnesota Twins outfit.

Logan’s two year old portraits sporting his Minnesota Twins outfit!

Logan is pure two year old, and he’s very good at it too! Curious about everything and active as can be with lots of movement in and out of his own portrait session. I just love photographing kids, they haven’t a care in the world and it shows in every session.

Logan and his “Uncle Mike” have a very common interest; we both love the Disney Pixar movie “Cars!” Logan even brought his “Lightning McQueen” and “Mator” along (I actually think they never leave his side) to be a part of his two year old portraits. Nice!

Logan is a regular here at our studio with not only his newborn portraits but his six month, nine month, one year and his bunny portraits just a couple of weeks ago along with his cousin Brynlee too!

So without further delay, here’s the highlights from Logan’s two year old portraits taken just yesterday. Enjoy!

“Logan’s Two Year Old Portraits” – Images and video ©2014 Michael Anderson Photography.

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