Golden Retriever Puppy Photos

Seven Week Old Puppy Portraits of Bailey

Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy Photos of Bailey. Under the classification of “it doesn’t get any cuter than this” comes little “Bailey”, a seven week old Golden Retriever puppy!

Why is it that puppies are so darn cute? Especially the hunting breeds like this spunky little Golden Retriever puppy? Bailey is certainly no exception, she’s just a little furry ball of totally cute!

He’s so young that we hardly had to chase her around the studio, she just kind of “hung out” wherever we put her. Try that in about another month!

"Bailey" an adorable seven week old Golden Retriever puppy.

Introducing “Bailey” an adorable Golden Retriever puppy.

Here are Bailey’s first professional pet portraits along with a cameo or two with her owner Jess. I know you’re going to enjoy this highlight video!

“Golden Retriever Puppy Photos” – Images and video ©2014 Michael Anderson Photography.

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