Coon Rapids Senior Photos

Coon Rapids Senior Photos

We’re excited to share some of Tanden’s Coon Rapids senior photos with you today! Tanden, along with his younger sister, Elliana, his mom and dad, Bill and Melissa, and the family dog, Remy, all made the trip, last Sunday, up to Lake Superior during our 27th Annual North Shore Weekend! It was a fantastic day on the big lake with little to no wind, and a nice overcast sky (eventually) for the photographers, Joannie and me, to create images!

Boy's senior portrait at the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.

Tanden, at the famous Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth.

We met Tanden and his family by the tugboat, “Charley Ferris”, that’s on display near the world-famous Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. From there, we were able to create quite a few of Tanden’s senior photos using the famous bridge as a prop, a really big prop! And, speaking of big, while we were there, the 1000′ lake freighter, the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. passed under the lift bridge on its way out of the harbor! We watched as the huge ship approached and passed under the lift bridge right in front of us. Pretty cool!

Senior Photos in Lester Park

Our next stop was on our way towards Two Harbors, at Lester Park in Duluth. This is a frequent stop of ours during our past North Shore Weekends because it’s very pretty and not usually crowded. We were able to create a lot of great images here including some family portraits and also some fantastic images of Tanden with Remy!

Senior photo of a boy and his dog at Lester Park in Duluth, MN.

This great photo of Tanden and Remy was created at Lester Park in Duluth, MN.

Time for an Ice Cream Break!

On our way further up north, our next stop was in Two Harbors for an ice cream break at the 5th Street Malt Shoppe! This was our first time visiting this establishment, and it won’t be the last! Yum!

While in Two Harbors, we made a second stop to create a few more for Tanden’s senior pictures very near where the 3M Company got its start back in 1902! At this point, it appeared that we might have a little bit of rain headed our way, so we headed out of town toward our next adventure at Iona’s Beach, aka Pink Beach! On the drive there, it did indeed sprinkle on our vehicles a bit. Thankfully, it wasn’t very heavy rain, nothing that would put a stop to Tanden’s senior photo session.

A boy poses for one of his Coon Rapids senior photos in Two Harbors, MN.

Here’s Tanden, wearing his Coon Rapids sweatshirt, in Two Harbors, MN.

Iona’s Beach

It was still sprinkling upon our arrival at Iona’s Beach, but we set out on the relatively short walk to the beach with all of the pink rocks. Iona’s Beach is filled with salmon-colored rocks that are made up of pink rhyolite and felsite bedrock. This unique beach is well over 300 yards long on Lake Superior’s North Shore.

A nice senior photo of a boy at Iona's Beach on Lake Superior.

The beach really is pink at Iona’s Beach!

There’s about a 30′ high cliff on one end of it where lots of people will hike to check out the view. We did as well! I captured this image of Tanden there. I love how the blue water of Lake Superior makes up his backdrop!

A close up senior photo of a boy with Lake Superior in the background.

The cool (litterally) blue waters of Lake Superior makes this close up look amazing!

After creating a bunch of images, including some of the family with Remy, we headed toward our last stop before it got too dark, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

Senior Portraits at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Sunset was approaching as we arrived at Split Rock. However, the lighting there at that time was amazingly soft, and the wind was non-existent! Very unusual for this scenic location! So, we got to work on completing Tanden’s session, along with a family portrait or two, and some fun candid photos, so that he and his family could head back to the Twin Cities.

A nice senior portrait at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

A really nice senior photo of Tanden at Split Rock!

All-in-all, this was a fantastic day up on Lake Superior! Joannie and I want to thank Tanden and his family for making the trek to come and spend the day creating memories for them!

A nice family portrait at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

Tanden’s family photo at the famous Split Rock Lighthouse!

Tanden – The Class of 2024 – Senior Photo Music Video

I’ve put together a little music video with many of my favorite images created on the fun day up on Lake Superior. Please take a few minutes to check it out. Thank you! – M&J

“Coon Rapids Senior Photos” © 2023 Micahel Anderson Photography.

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