CATERPILLAR 330D L Excavator

Light Painting a CATERPILLAR 330D L Excavator

I’m on a construction equipment run right now as I’ve got another excellent light painting, this time it’s of a CATERPILLAR 330D L Excavator!
This is another fun light painting project that I could potentially add your child (safely) to in post-production. If you have a kid who just loves construction equipment, please give us a call to create something (with them in it!), that they’ll cherish on display in their bedroom (or, over your fireplace)!
A photo of a CATERPILLAR 330D L Excavator prior to light painting it.

A mighty CATERPILLAR 330D L Excavator at rest.

What’s With All of the Construction Equipment?

You might be asking why I’ve got all of these light painted photographs of construction equipment all of a sudden. Well, to be honest, many of these were created a while ago, but I never thought to write about them! Until now!

Someone you know might think having one of these created for their companies’ heavy equipment would be cool. These are high-impact images that would be amazing in a construction company’s advertising, website, and on display at the company’s headquarters. If they didn’t know that I could do this for them, how would they know to ask?

If this sort of thing interests you, please check out many more light paintings of construction equipment on our dedicated light painting website. Here’s the link:

Taking Artistic License

Meanwhile, here’s my finished light painting of this particular rig. So as to not irritate the neighbor living behind the treeline, I decided not to fire a whole bunch of strobed exposures at the trees, and instead, I replaced the trees with dirt piles (yes, I light painted piles of dirt!). Then for the icing on the cake, I added a really dramatic sky to finish off the image. I think it looks pretty cool!
A dramatic light painted photograph of a CATERPILLAR 330D L Excavator.

My finished light painted photograph of a CATERPILLAR 330D L Excavator. For the sake of the neighbors, I took the liberty of not lighting the treeline. Instead, I added in dirt piles and swapped out the sky for an even cooler look!

Excavators are construction workhorses, here are some of the CATERPILLAR 330D L Excavator’s main specifications that make it just that:
    • A. Shipping Length Of Unit. 36.75ft in.
    • C. Shipping Height Of Unit. 11.92ft in.
    • I. Max Cutting Height. …
    • Max Loading Height. 24.75ft in.
    • Max Reach Along Ground. 38.42ft in.
    • L. Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth. …
    • Max Digging Depth. 26.83ft in.
    • Boom/Stick Option (Hex) 1. Boom 21\’4\” (6500mm) / Stick 12\’10\” (3900mm) – Reach.

There’s More, Lots More!

If you like what you see, please check out our dedicated light painting website at There are tons of cool light paintings of construction equipment, police cars and fire trucks, cool aircraft, restaurants, and other goodies, lots of Corvettes, and many, many other really cool cars, trucks, and motorcycles of all types!

Below, you’ll find a short video on our YouTube Channel that shows some of the images that went into creating this light painting of a CATERPILLAR 330D L Excavator. It’s short and sweet, so enjoy it! – M&J

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