Buffalo High School Senior Photos

Buffalo High School Senior Photos

I’m excited to share some of Caleb’s Buffalo High School senior photos with you! I can tell you that there are a lot of them because this was a fantastic senior portrait session!

Caleb’s entire session was photographed at his home in Corcoran, Minnesota. I even captured some really great images inside his house. I can’t remember the last time I did that for a senior!

Buffalo High School senior picture of a senior boy in his living room.

This great senior portrait of Caleb was created right in his living room!

You might think that creating senior pictures at someone’s home might be boring due to a lack of places to take photos. Not at Caleb’s house! Their home sits right in the middle of beautiful farm fields, rolling hills, and a fair amount of fall colors too.

Buffalo High School senior photo of a boy sitting in the grass near his home.

A nice casual photo of Caleb in his backyard.

An Avid Hunter

In addition to all of the great photo spots, Caleb loves to hunt. So, of course, we incorporated that into his session. We’ve got images with his shotgun, hunting rifle, and crossbow. That also meant that he could wear some of his favorite clothing, hunting camo! Nice!

High school senior picture of a boy with his crossbow.

Camouflage and a crossbow. Nice!

Near the conclusion of his session, we even got a few images of him up in his deer stand. Those images, and many others, are in his music video (see below). It was getting fairly dark, but they turned out pretty well thanks to the fact that I had Lightning McQueen with me for his entire session!

For those of you that don’t know. Lightning McQueen is the name I’ve given to a custom-built lighting cart that I designed and built from a golf cart. I’ve been using Lightning for many years now and I’m never turned back! You can read more about Lightning McQueen on this page on our website.

A behind-the-scenes photo of a high school senior being photographed in a cornfield with a professional photographer's custom lighting cart made from a golf cart.

Our custom-built lighting cart, Lighting McQueen in action!

Lightning McQueen got a pretty full workout, almost an entire battery’s worth (that rarely happens)! It was a great afternoon weather-wise, but very challenging lighting conditions where the best backgrounds were. McQueen handled it all like a champ!

A nice fall senior photo of a senior boy in a cornfield with his shotgun.

Here’s Caleb, with his shotgun, in the cornfield right behind his home. Lightning McQueen provided nice balanced lighting for this demanding backlit scene.

High School senior photo of a boy and his hunting rifle.

Caleb takes careful aim with his hunting rifle.

Buffalo High School Senior Portraits

A behind-the-scenes photo of a high school senior being photographed with a professional photographer's custom lighting cart made from a golf cart.

Here’s Lightning McQueen giving me great light in less-than-ideal natural light.

In all my years as a senior portrait photographer, I’m not sure that I’ve ever photographed anyone from Buffalo Senior High. Well, thanks to Caleb, I can’t say that anymore! That area of Minnesota is really pretty, especially in the fall. Rolling hills, farm fields, lakes, rivers, both big and small towns. Very, very nice!

Buffalo High School senior photos of a boy in the tall grass.

Here’s what using Lightning McQueen can do! Nice balanced light, and a bit of sparkle in Caleb’s eyes too.

I’ve put together a music video with a bunch of my favs from Caleb’s session. Please check it out. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our post! – M&J

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