Bath Time Baby Portraits

Ryder’s Bath Time Baby Portraits

For a little fun, here are two cute “Bath Time” baby photos of our adorable grandson Ryder. We created these about a month ago just two days before Joannie had her ankle surgery to repair ligaments.

For the last few months, Ryder has really enjoyed his bath time. We have this cute little bathtub and so it was a photo theme waiting to happen once he could stand on his own. Well, at nine months old, it was time.

Bath Time baby photos of an adorable nine-month-old standing in a towel.

Ryder prepares for his “bath time”.

So grandpa set everything up in the studio and got the heaters going in the ceiling to keep our little boy nice and warm for his “Bath Time” baby photographs. As you can see, our “little” Ryder is not actually very little. At nine months and north of 27 pounds, he’s a pretty “solid” dude!

Since we created these baby photos on “grandma and grandpa day”, a Monday, our Riley girl was also on hand to help out too. Even mom was off work on this Monday!

Bring On The Bubbles!

Ryley was the official bubble maker, and grandma and Jen made sure that Ryder was happy and safe while grandpa handled the photography part. It was a little crazy, but pretty fun none the less. Ryder wasn’t totally thrilled about taking a bath without any water, but these two baby pics turned out pretty darn cute anyway!

The post-production on these baby portraits was a little interesting. First of all, to help pass the time, I worked on them in the waiting room while Joannie was having her surgery.

Bath Time baby photos of an adorable nine-month-old boy in a bathtub.

Ryder watches ll of the bubbles!

These baby photos were not done as green screen portraits but on a real studio background. The challenge was to get enough bubbles in the scene. While Ryley did a great job of getting bubbles in the air, they just weren’t spread out enough in each photograph. But they were great in several different photos.

So grandpa took the best of the bubbles and added them to the best of Ryder. Background pattern and all. Not the easiest Photoshop job I’ve ever done, but easily in my wheelhouse. Lawrence Welk would be proud!

“Bath Time Baby Portraits” – ©2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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