Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies

Pet Portraits of Eight Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies!

Just before we left for our Florida trip, we had a flurry of activity both in the studio (see Alexander’s super cute newborn portraits) as well as having photographed Ricky & Rebecca’s pretty wedding at Panola Valley Gardens.

On the same day that little Alexander was here, I had a whole “litter” of cute babies that dropped by for their portraits too. Pet photos of these eight adorable Golden Retriever puppies!

A cute studio pet portrait of eight adorable Golden Retriever puppies!

Is it nap time or play time?

Owners Nancy and Bruce, along with their two puppy handlers, Kristen and Brenna, brought mamma Lucy and her little furry crew to the studio. Thank goodness for Kristen and Brenna, as they were extremely helpful! They kept herding up these eight, cute little balls of fur. We couldn’t have gotten these pet portraits done without their wonderful help!

As you might imagine, photographing a puppy is much like photographing a one-year-old toddler that has started to walk. To say the very least, it is a very “active” portrait session. Ramp it up and make it eight adorable Golden Retriever puppies, and you have your hands full!

Putting four of them in our little bathtub prop helped hold their attention and keep them close by too. Although one of them made repeated attempts to jump out and check out the scene.

A super cute pet portrait of eight adorable Golden Retriever puppies in a bath tub!

Bath time!

All In The Family

As you’ll see in their fun music highlight video below, we started the session with Nancy, Bruce, Lucy and the eight adorable Golden Retriever puppies. It’s one of the few times that I’ve been thankful for digital cameras.

We thought we had it “in the can”, only to find out that one of the puppies had slipped under Bruce and Lucy, and so there were only seven puppies in the shot! Time for puppy portrait do-over! The second try was a success!

The proud momma watching over her eight, adorable, sleeping Golden Retriever puppies.

Eight is enough!

Our closing image was with Lucy watching over her litter of furry cuteness as they all took a nap by her side!

“Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies” – © 2017 Michael Anderson Photography.

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