2017 Corvette Light Painting

2017 Corvette Light Painting

Recently, while working on an update to our Light Painting Website, MichaelAndersonLightPainting.com, I discovered that I hadn’t written a story about this fun project, a 2017 Corvette Light Painting. So, now’s the time to fix that omission!

A photograph of a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette sitting in a park waiting to be light painted by Michael Anderson.

Don’s ride awaiting to be light painted.

This awesome car belongs to a friend and colleague of mine, Don. Back in June of 2021, Don and I, along with about 20 other photographers, were attending a refresher course on light painting at our friend and mentor’s studio, John Hartman, in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Don lives in Michigan and drove to class in this sweet ride (I drove my Honda Odessey Minivan)!

John’s class was awesome, as always, and once it concluded, several of us, including Don, were staying one more night before going back home. Well, as a bunch of light painting photographers, we can’t just let a “captive” Corvette sit there, we gotta light paint it! So after dinner that evening, we placed Don’s 2017 Corvette in a nearby park so that we could light paint it together. Each of us would then get a set of files to create our version of the car once we got back home.

Light Painting in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

We found a spot that would work nicely at a small park on the Wisconsin River. It was reasonably dark and a pretty backdrop for the Corvette. I had my camera and a tripod along with me, and we borrowed John’s light wand to create the 2017 Corvette light painting files. Each of us took turns taking light passes to the car and the area. We would then take a look at each exposure and make suggestions as to what the next person should do to make sure we had files that would allow each of us to complete our own light painting versions once we got back home. Below, is my version.

A pretty 2017 Corvette light painting created at a park in Stevens Point, WI.

My light painted version of Don’s Corvette looks pretty darn sweet if I don’t say so myself!

There’s So Much More!

If you’re liking what you see here, please check out our dedicated light painting website at MichaelAndersonLightPainting.com. There are tons of cool light paintings of construction equipment, police cars and fire trucks, cool aircraft, restaurants, and other goodies, lots of Corvettes, and many, many other really cool cars, trucks, and motorcycles of all types!

2017 Corvette Light Painting – The Movie

As I always do for each of my light painting projects, I’ve created a short video on our YouTube Channel that shows the photographs that I used to create this light painted photograph of Don’s 2017 Corvette. It’s less than a minute long, so please take a peek at it. While you’re there, please take a second to like and subscribe to our channel. Thanks!

“2017 Corvette Light Painting” – ©2023 Michael Anderon Photography

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