2014 Sannes Holiday Card Design

Here’s the Holiday Card design I’ve cooked up for Gene and Hellen Sannes in honor of their 60th wedding anniversary!

This family portrait of the whole Sannes crew and many other smaller group portraits were taken at the start of their 60th anniversary weekend celebration back in September.

Joannie and I have been this wonderful families’ photographers for three weddings (so far) and countless family and kids portraits for many years now. Just a week or so ago, four of these little adorable kids were in studio for Portraits with Santa Claus too!

I love these guys; they are all so fun to be with!

2014 Holiday card design to celebrate Gene & Helen's 60th wedding anniversary!

Gene & Helen’s family portrait at their 60th wedding anniversary party!

Thank you for asking me to photograph yet another important milestone in the Sannes family history. I hope you love your 2014 Holiday Card design!

“2014 Sannes Holiday Card Design” – Image & holiday card design ©2014 Michael Anderson Photography.

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