2014 Easter Bunny Portraits

2014 Easter Bunny Portraits with Anna, Ryan, and Katie

Day two of Easter bunny portraits have our bunnies Hop and Carrot busy once again. This time they got to meet Anna, her brother Ryan and their cousin Katie for their 2014 Easter Bunny Portraits. Anytime you have live animals and kids together there’s going to be some crazy activity going on and today was no exception.

There was certainly lots of action the whole time these three cute cousins were here. Most of the time, Ryan was practicing his sprinting for the Summer Olympics. He made several cameos during the session. Anna and Katie let him do his thing while they had a nice visit with our real bunnies. There was certainly lots of fun had by all of us, adults included!

2014 Easter Bunny Portraits. Very cute Easter bunny photos with three cousins and two real bunnies!

Anna, Ryan, and Katie with our bunnies Hop and Carrot.

These three cousins really enjoyed their “bunny time” that’s for sure. I’m pretty sure that Ryan put on about two miles dropping in and out of the session! He definitely wasn’t bored while he was here.

These three have been here many times before and you can see last year’s Easter bunny portraits right here.

Here are the highlights from their Easter bunny portraits taken today! I know you will enjoy their Easter Bunny photo adventure!

A Fundraiser for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

As always, our Easter Bunny Pictures help us raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf by donating our session fees go directly to Ralph Reeder.

The Easter Bunny Photo Session Fee is $30 and to say thank you, we give you a free 8×10 from your favorite pose. Or for a $50 donation, you’ll receive 2 – 8×10 prints of your choice! Please make your donation check out directly to Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, MN.

“2014 Easter Bunny Portraits with Anna, Ryan and Katie” – Images and video ©2014 Michael Anderson Photography.

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