Engagement Photos at Glensheen Mansion

Engagement Photos at Glensheen Mansion

Joannie and I are pleased to share Dan and Jenny’s pretty engagement photos at Glensheen Mansion (and several other beautiful North Shore locations). These wonderful images were created on our recent 25th Annual North Shore Weekend. Their engagement session was so much fun! Jenny’s mom and dad, Sharon and Jason, as well as Dan’s mom, Cindy, made the trip up north to join in the celebration. It was so great to see them once again as well. Joannie and I photographed Jason and Sharon’s wedding back in 1990 and I’ve known Jason since we both were a lot younger than that!

Pretty engagement photo created near the ore docks in Two Harbors, MN.

Dan & Jenny in Two Harbors, MN.

This is not the first time that Jason and Sharon have been up north with us. They’ve done their family portraits on Lake Superior on several occasions throughout the years. Also, a few years ago, we photographed Jenny’s sister, Katie, for her senior portraits up north too.

Engagement Portraits at Glensheen Mansion

We met up with Dan, Jenny, and their travel party at Glensheen on Sunday afternoon. We were going to be doing another of our “dueling sessions” with Laura, who joined us along with her parents Bruce and Dana. Laura was having us create her high school senior portraits at the same time as Dan & Jenny.

The “dueling sessions” idea has worked so well for us for many several years up on Lake Superior. We just move from location to location and create photographs of both clients in each photo stop. It’s fun and very casual, and we all help each other out as we go along. It’s a great way to make new friends too!

Pretty engagement photos at Glensheen Mansion taken on the stone arch bridge.

Our future newlyweds on the pretty stone arched bridge at Glensheen Mansion.

Engagement Pictures in Two Harbors

When we finished up at Glensheen Mansion, we headed north up Highway 61 for a photo stop in Two Harbors, MN. The historic business district in Two Harbors has become an annual photo stop for us. This is on the very street where the 3M Company got its start way back on June 13th, 1902. Not only is that area great for portraits, but it’s north-facing, so it’s never in the full sun. We can always work there without fear of direct sunlight on anyone. I always use reflectors and/or fill flash, as needed, so the lighting is always very nice too. While in Two Harbors, we also made a quick stop near the ore docks. The yellow flowers made for some really pretty engagement photos there.

A pretty engagement photograph taken on a flower-lined dirt road.

Dan & Jenny share a kiss on a pretty dirt road in Two Harbors.

Engagement Photos at Iona’s Beach

We left Two Harbors and headed further north to Iona’s Beach, also known as “Pink Beach”. Iona’s Beach is a nice quiet location and a very beautiful one too! Not only is there a beautiful beach, complete with pink colored rocks, but there’s also a pretty grove of pine trees that you have to walk through to get to the beach. It’s so pretty and peaceful there. We took quite a few images of Dan & Jenny, and Laura too, at this pretty Lake Superior beach. Then we were off to our final destination, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park!

A fun engagement photo taken in the woods on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

A fun candid photo of Dan & Jenny near Iona’s Beach.

Senior Portraits at Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is where our “North Shore Weekend” got its start back, twenty-five years ago in 1996. It was there, during the creation of our own families’ portrait, that Dan & Juli joined us for their engagement portraits. Dan & Juli’s engagement session was so enjoyable that afterward, we decided to make it “a thing” every year. That was “just” 25 years ago!

A cute engagement portrait created at the famous Split Rock Lighthouse.

The famous Split Rock Lighthouse.

Dan & Jenny’s engagement images, as well as Laura’s senior photos, were created under some of the best lighting conditions I could have ever asked for! The beautiful soft light was provided by Mother Nature and she provided a perfect layer of fog and overcast about an hour before sunset. BEST. LIGHT. EVER!

There’s One More Thing…

We hope you’ve enjoyed Dan & Jenny’s Glensheen Mansion engagement photos. I’ve created a pretty highlight music video with many of our favorite images and North Shore locations from their Lake Superior engagement session. You can view it at the link below on our YouTube Channel. Thank you for reading our post and have a great day! – M&J

“Engagement Photos at Glensheen Mansion” © 2020 Michael Anderson Photography.

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