Jordan and Dannah’s Backyard Wedding

Jordan and Dannah’s Backyard Wedding

Today, we would love to share Jordan and Dannah’s beautiful backyard wedding photographs with you! These two were married on October 3rd at her sister’s home near Marine on Saint Croix, Minnesota.

The bride and her girls in their matching robes.

Dannah and the girls sporting their matching robes.

It was a cool, cloudy Saturday afternoon, but thankfully there was no wind at all. That made it seem much warmer than it could have been, that’s for sure! Joannie and I arrived and checked out the property to see where the best photo spots were. The clouds made it perfect to use several locations with pretty fall colors as the backdrops.

The groom and his groomsmen by some hay bales.

Jordan and his groomsmen.

Joannie and I captured images of both Dannah and Jordan getting ready. Then, once Jordan and the boys were all set, we photographed him and “The Boys” before the wedding ceremony. Shortly afterward, wedding guests were starting to arrive, so we slipped in some candids of them too.

Backyard Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding ceremony was very pretty. The fall colors were a perfect backdrop for this fairytale wedding. After the wedding party processional, Dannah and her dad made the walk down the hill to see Jordan for the first time. Pretty cool! Their wedding was presided over by Dannah’s cousin, Emma Folk with a nice reading by Dannah’s aunt, Jennie Ferderer. And before you knew it, Jordan and Dannah were husband and wife! Very nice!

A photo of a pretty backyard wedding ceremony.

It doesn’t get much prettier than this in Minnesota!

Fall Colors

A beautiful backyard wedding photograph of the wedding party.

Jordan, Dannah, and their fun and crazy wedding party!

After the ceremony, Joannie and I got to work creating their family photos, and wedding party photographs in some pretty locations around the yard. We also managed to sneak in quite a few photographs of our newlyweds, including this cool wedding image with a red Ferrari!

Th bride and groom by a red Ferrari at their wedding reception.

When someone brings a Ferrari to your wedding, you gotta take some photos by it!

After all that, we joined their wedding guests for celebrating, including a fun wedding dance with a great band, “Stim Pack”!

Yep, There’s a Movie Too!

We’ve created a fun highlight music video with lots of our favorite images from Jordan and Dannah’s pretty backyard wedding. The link is below to our YouTube Channel. Please check it out.

A fun nighttime wedding photo of wedding party at the tiki bar!

Jordan, Dannah, and their fun and crazy wedding party at the tiki bar!

We also created another of our one-of-kind light painted wedding photographs. Once that’s completed, we’ll post that cool image as well. In the meantime, thank you for reading our post, and have a great one! – M&J

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