Wedding photos at The Vineyard

Wedding photos at The Vineyard and The Winery in Cannon Falls, MN.

Bride & groom in a kissing toast near The Winery in downtown Cannon Falls, MN.

Here’s to us!

Laura and Maxwell were actually married back on May 24th, but their wedding didn’t work out according to plan that day. It rained all day long on their wedding day. So their wedding ceremony and pretty much everything else was moved indoors for the day.

The only wedding photos at The Vineyard we took that day were at a very brief stop at The Vineyard for very few photos of them under the roof of the 150-year-old timber frame barn for protection from all of the rain.

We all were really disappointed. I was even more disappointed when I got that brief look at the breathtaking scenery in Sogn Valley. I wanted to create their wedding photos at The Vineyard as much as they wanted to get married there!

The Vineyard – Take 2!

So a few days after their wedding, I asked them if they might be interested in doing a “rain check reshoot” at The Vineyard hopefully without the rain this time. Since they live in Washington D.C., their next return trip was set for last weekend. Mother Nature didn’t disappoint this time. A wonderful, sunny, warm and beautiful day was in store for us!

Wedding photos at The Vineyard overlooking the beautiful Sogn Valley near Cannon Falls, MN.

No rain in sight!

Now, normally a cloudless, sunny day is not the ideal situation for wedding photography outdoors, but it sure beats the cold, driving rain we experienced back in May!

My goal, just like it is on every wedding we photograph, was to create some pretty wedding photos of them using the great locations they chose for their wedding. This time we actually could.

On the plus side of things, Laura got to wear her wedding dress a second time and Max got all dressed up once again too (he cleans up very nicely). Complete with a new bouquet and boutonniere and all the time we wanted, we began at The Winery (the place where all those grapes from The Vineyard go to play after the harvest).

Black and white wedding photograph of a bride & groom on a fire escape in Cannon Falls, MN.

The stairway.

After enjoying some wine together, we took a few images in the back where all the wine is made. Being harvest time, it was a brief stop so we didn’t get in the way as wine production is in full swing.

Let’s Get Urban

Then Joannie & I took Laura and Maxwell outside for some fun urban wedding photos in the cool areas right on the street in front of The Winery.

Black and white wedding photo of a bride and groom in front of an old wooden door at the top a fire escape in Cannon Falls, MN.

Old wooden door.

Often times on any given wedding day, we feel rushed to keep the day on schedule. Quite often have to skip doing things we would like to do because of time restraints. It was nice to be able to casually walk around and enjoy each other’s company with that rushed feeling.

Enjoying some wine together before the shoot would be another nice thing that Joannie & I never do at a wedding! Since we were there to create wedding photos at The Vineyard, it set the tone of the day very nicely.

It’s Dry This Time!

We got in the cars and set off to finally create some wedding photos at The Vineyard. This time with Laura and Maxwell would be nice & dry and in the middle of it all. As I mentioned, the sunny day made for some photographic challenges. But we came prepared for it with several Canon Speedlights to help soften the harsh lighting.

Infrared Wedding Photography

Laura gave me a really good feeling when she asked me if I was going to take any infrared wedding photos. It’s nice to know that people actually read the stuff I write about on our website! What was funny about it was that at the very moment she asked me the question was when I about to use our Canon 5D Super Color Camera for the first time that day! I just had to laugh at the timing of her question.

Pretty color infrared wedding photograph taken in The Vineyard overlooking the pretty Sogn Valley near Cannon Falls, MN.

Harvest time.

We were not creating any infrared wedding photography back in May. The weather was so awful that day we wouldn’t have been able to anyway. So the September “rematch” with Mother Nature gave us the opportunity to create something totally new for them too. In fact, our Canon 5D camera was still taking “regular” photographs for their wedding at the time!

B&W infrared wedding photo taken at The Vineyard near Cannon Falls, MN.

The Veil.

The “Big Boy” Lens

The other item that wasn’t around when they were married was our new “Big Boy lens”. The Tamron SP 150-600MM F/5-6.3 Di VC USD lens. The wonderful background compression and beautiful bokeh of that lens came in very handy at The Vineyard.

Wedding photography at The Vineyard overlooking the Sogn Valley near Cannon Falls, MN.

The Vineyard in all its beauty!

One of the things that Laura told us while we were taking their wedding photos at The Vineyard was that she “wanted to be on our website.” By that, she meant in one of our website galleries. She knew that only the very best wedding photographs get to live there.

Pretty color infrared wedding photography taken at The Vineyard in Cannon Falls, MN.

I’m behind you all the way!

Well Laura & Max, after the wonderful afternoon we had with you on Sunday, I can tell you that you are indeed in three of our website galleries as I’ve placed some of my favorites of your wedding photos at The Vineyard in our Infrared Wedding Photography, Minneapolis Wedding Photographers, and our Destination Wedding Photography galleries.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create these new (and dry) wedding photographs for you!

“Wedding photos at The Vineyard” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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