Two Sisters Dancing In The Rain

Two Sisters Dancing In The Rain

Here we have a cute kid’s portrait that I’ve titled “Two Sisters Dancing In The Rain”. It’s a brand new green screen kid’s photo composite I’ve just created for JoJo, one of our “M&J Brides” and her husband Mike. I know that they are going to enjoy this photo for many, many years to come. It features their two beautiful daughters, Katie and her little sister Lucy, doing what they love; dancing!

I’ve naturally titled it “Two Sisters Dancing In The Rain!” I got the idea from another photographer friend of mine. He’s done something similar with high school senior photos and I knew it would work pretty well on a children’s photo too!

Katie and Lucy had a lot of fun posing for these photographs. Katie is turning out to be quite the little dancer! She’s very serious about getting her poses right. It the same time, Lucy loved watching what her big sister did and then she tried hard to copy her every move. All the while Lucy had this huge smile on her face! It was pretty cute to watch.

Two sisters in multiple dance poses combined in a panoramic photo collage. A green screen photo composite titled "Dancing In The Rain!"

Katie & Lucy “Dancing In The Rain!”

Once we had their green screen photos done, we also did some traditional kid’s portraits with a regular studio background. It’s quite evident that these two sisters really adore each other!

So that they could be displayed together, I created this panoramic photo with a digital mat with six of mom’s favorite poses from their studio photo session.

In addition to being mom and dad’s wedding photographers, I’ve had the privilege of being Katie & Lucy’s personal portrait photographer since they both were newborns. That’s a very big honor for me and very cool!

A digitally matted wall portrait collage of Katie's 5 year & Lucy's 2 year portraits .

Katie’s 5 year & Lucy’s 2 year portraits all in one!

“Two Sisters Dancing In The Rain” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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