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The Woelffer Girls and Santa Claus!

Well Michael must have been a really good boy this year; because Santa came by to visit him at the studio on Tuesday night! Or maybe it was the gaggle of cute girls that were here for their Christmas portraits. Not sure. Tough call.

All kidding aside, the jolly old elf himself made a surprise visit during Olyvia, Hazyll, Vyvian and Ingryd’s Christmas portrait session! Mom and dad even got their portraits done a couple of times with Santa too. So it isn’t always Santa Claus with kids images, sometime us “big kids” get to be in there too!

Santa made a surprise visit during Olyvia, Hazyll, Vyvian and Ingryd's Christmas portrait session last night.

Olyvia, Hazyll, Vyvian and Ingryd get some private time with Santa Claus!

The little one, Miss Ingryd was totally excited when Santa arrived and while getting her portraits taken with her sisters, but when it came time for her one on one with the man in the red suit – no go. After the session was complete and the girls were just visiting with Santa she talked his ear off! Go figure.

What a fun time for all of us! Santa stayed and visited for a couple of hours and I got the lowdown on a couple of Santa’s little known facts. Like the fact that Santa keeps his beard year round, even in the Summertime! And Mrs. Claus goes to school!

Well, I know you’re going to enjoy this highlight video! Happy Holidays from Santa, Michael and Joannie!

“The Woelffer Girls and Santa Claus!” – Images and video ©2013 Michael Anderson Photography.

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