Newborn Baby Girl

Lainey’s Adorable Newborn Baby Girl Portraits

A cute studio portrait of a pretty newborn baby girl wearing a pink outfit and a cute headband.

I’m tired!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of creating Miss Lainey’s newborn baby girl portraits. Lainey is just one week old. This pretty little lady is as cute as it gets!

A cute studio portrait of a four year old boy and his new sister, an adorable newborn baby girl.

That’s my new sister!

Her big brother Logan was here too, and he got in a few portraits with his new sister. Logan is no stranger to “Uncle Mike’s” photo studio, he was here just recently for his four-year-old portraits and will be here once again in a month for portraits with Santa Claus too!

A photo studio portrait of a big brother kissing his new sister, an adorable newborn baby girl.

I love my little sis!

Mom told me that Lainey was going to be an easy session and while I’ve heard that many times before (with very mixed results), Lainey was a pretty easy going newborn baby girl yesterday. She barely fussed one time and after a little time with a bottle, she went right back to sleep.

A cute studio portrait of a beautiful newborn baby girl wrapped up and sleeping.

Lainey all bundled up.

I’ve put together a little highlight video with some of my favorite images from Lainey’s newborn baby girl session as well as a few video clips go this beautiful little girl (and her cute big brother). Enjoy!

“Newborn Baby Girl” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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