Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Senior Portraits

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Senior Portraits

We’ve got another high school senior portrait to share with you. This time we’re not on “up north” on Lake Superior, but “down south” for Molly’s Minnesota Landscape Arboretum senior portraits!

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum senior portraits of a girl at a waterfall.

Molly, the Class of 2018.

I met up with Molly, her sister Caitlin and her parents Dan & Juli at the arboretum just a couple of days after returning home from our 22nd annual North Shore Weekend. I only mention the north shore because it was Dan & Juli who started the whole North Shore portrait idea in the first place.

Back in the fall of 1996, these two were engaged to be married and looking for a cool place to do their engagement portraits. They called me the very week that we were going up north to do our family portrait on Lake Superior at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. I casually mentioned that if they wanted to join us they were more than welcome to, and they said sure!

We had a great time with them at Split Rock Lighthouse. Dan even helped us out by tripping the shutter on our Hasselblad for our family portrait! That really helped me out, because back then, I only had ten seconds to start the self-timer and run over very rocky terrain to get back in the photo. Thanks, Dan!

So that’s the story of how our very first “North Shore Portrait Weekend” came to be.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Back to Molly’s Minnesota Landscape Arboretum senior portraits. It was a perfect summer evening in Minnesota and we made the best of this beautiful location in Chanhassen, MN. I had “Lightning McQueen” along to help in the lighting department and Molly made it very easy on me by being a perfect senior model.

Pretty girl twirling in her dress during her Minnesota Landscape Arboretum senior portraits.

Taking it for “a spin”!

Caitlin also helped out on several occasions by holding one of my MoLight V860II-C Speedlights on a long light stand overhead as a hair light when we needed it. Thanks, Caitlin!

Two pretty sisters pose together at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassen, MN.


We stayed near the main visitor center so Molly could go back and forth to change outfits as needed and dad carried her cello so we could use it for Molly’s Minnesota Landscape Arboretum senior portraits whenever we needed it.

The images we created together are really special, the combination of a pretty senior, a cello, great weather and a stunning location is pretty hard to beat!

A stunning close up image of a girl and her cello. Image created for her Minnesota Landscape Arboretum senior portraits.

The eyes have it.

The closing senior picture was created in near darkness as we left the arboretum. There’s a spot there that I’ve always wanted to use for a photograph but I’ve never gotten the chance. Well, I finally did.

It was getting pretty dark and the mosquitoes were now joining the party, but these are some pretty cool senior pics! Thanks guys for letting me give this spot a try.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum senior portraits of a pretty girl and her cello.

Me and my cello.

“Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Senior Portraits” – ©2107 Michael Anderson Photography.

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