Light Painting a Ford F-150

Light Painting a Ford F-150 Pickup

Today, we’re going to share something really cool, light painting a Ford F-150 pickup truck! What makes this one so special is that it was created for Bryce as part of his senior portrait session in downtown Stillwater, MN.

Earlier that afternoon, Bryce, myself, his parents, and sister, Sydney, roamed all over a bustling downtown Stillwater looking for great locations for his senior photos as well as for a family portrait or two. We were very successful too!

A nice senior photo of a boy taken in Stillwater, Minnesota.

A nice senior photo of Bryce, taken right on a bustling sidewalk in Stillwater.

Light Painting a Great Big Truck

It was a beautiful Saturday evening, and Stillwater was full of visitors enjoying one of the summer’s last perfect days. Bryce wanted to have some of his senior photos with his Ford F-150. But with the crowd levels, it was tough to find a suitable location. Most of the spots that I would have liked to use were full of people and other vehicles of all kinds. I was beginning to think that we might have to go to another place for his truck photos.

Towards the conclusion of his senior photo session, we were in a part of downtown that I like to photograph a lot. There’s a little alleyway there that would look pretty cool with Bryce’s “tiny” Ford F-150 pickup truck.

It had all of the ingredients for light painting, a great background, not too much ambient light (I hoped), and it seemed like there wouldn’t be too many people walking, or driving through there. So we set up for the shot.

Photo of a Ford F-150 pickup truck prior to light painting it.

The “before” photo.

Hurry Up & Wait

Before light painting Bryce’s Ford F-150 pickup truck, we had to make sure that the truck was exactly where we wanted it. And then leave it alone! You see, when light painting, the subject can’t be moved once the process starts. If it moves, nothing lines up and you basically have to start over.

After moving the pickup a few times, I took a few test shots. Once we were happy with that spot, we locked everything down. Then we waited for it to get dark enough to light paint. Our patience was rewarded!

A cool senior portrait light painting with his Ford F-150 pickup truck.

The cool completed light painting of Bryce and his Ford F-150.

One More Thing

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our light painting of Bryce’s Ford F-150 pickup truck. As we always do for our light paintings, I’ve created a short “build video” that shows the images that went into creating this cool light painted senior photo for Bryce. It can be found that the link below on our YouTube Channel.

Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

“Light Painting a Ford F-150” – © Michael Anderson Photography.

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