Jack’s Senior Portraits at Silverwood Park

Jack’s Silverwood Park Senior Portraits

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of creating the first batch of Jack’s senior portraits at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, MN. I say the first batch because we’ll be creating some additional images with his basketball uniform in the weeks to come. There could even be a light painted senior photo of Jack in there somewhere too. You never know!

Senior portraits at Silverwood Park of a boy in a wooden structure in the dense woods.

Jack in one of the wooden building along one of the trails.

It was a beautiful summer day with blue skies and warm temperatures. Jack’s mom, Gwen, was along to hang out and help out with clothing selections. As always, I also had Lightning McQueen with me to help me deal with the sunny conditions. And as always, Lightning didn’t disappoint.

Before The Class of 2020

Jack’s family just happens to live right across the street from us and so we’ve literally known Jack since he was born. It’s always an honor to create senior portraits for someone, but it’s even cooler when you’ve known them their whole life. It’s such a major milestone for the senior and his or her family, so thank you, Jack, for entrusting me to create your senior photos!

A Walk In The Park

After getting Lightning McQueen all rigged up, Jack, Gwen, and I literally headed into the woods looking for great backgrounds out of the direct sunlight. It didn’t take long as the wooded areas at Silverview Park are pretty dense in most places. There are also nice walking trails throughout.

Senior portraits at Silverwood Park of a boy wearing an Irondale letterman sweater.

Jack, The Class of 2020!

I’ve photographed events and wedding receptions, as well as engagement portraits at Silverwood Park, but this was my first senior photo session there. In reality, senior photos and engagement photos are somewhat similar in that you look for the same type of backgrounds for each of them.

On that Friday afternoon, we ventured to a spot that I hadn’t seen at Silverwood Park; across the bridge to the island. There was a wedding party being photographed over there, so we gave them some space. I really like the images we created on the island with the lake behind Jack. The strobe lights that Lightning McQueen is equipped with made getting the shot possible on that sunny day.

Senior portraits at Silverwood Park by the lake.

A nice senior portrait of Jack taken by Silver Lake.

The Movie

I’ve created a highlight music video with some of my favorite images from Jack’s senior photos at Silverwood Park. It’s on our YouTube Channel with the link below. Please check it out when you have a few minutes. Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

“Jack’s Senior Portraits at Silverwood Park ” – © Michael Anderson Photography.

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