Children’s Portraits of Miss Katie – Two Years Old!

Here are the Children’s Portraits of adorable two-year-old Katie!

Miss Katie dropped by with her mom yesterday to have her children’s portraits taken in celebration of becoming a two-year-old! She’s such a little cutie and quite a bit more active than when she was here for her eighteen-month portraits.

She gave me the old “I’m Shy” routine when she arrived here at the studio; she wouldn’t even come near the front door! By the time she left for home she was holding my hand as we walked to the car. Kids will be kids!

We spent a little portrait time in the studio, just Katie having fun and occasionally even letting me even take a few photographs of her. Children’s portraits are some of the most challenging but yet rewarding and fun photography we do here. We used our usual two-year-old distractions, ball on a string, silly noises, goofy faces, and Katie’s favorite – bubbles! Then we ventured outside into our Portrait Park for even more fun portraits of the little princess. She’s just plain cute.

Here are some of my favorite images from her Children’s Portrait session with a few video clips just for fun. Enjoy!

“Children’s Portraits of Miss Katie – Two Years Old!” – Images and video ©2013 Minnesota’s Husband and Wife Wedding Photography Team at Michael Anderson Photography.

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