One-Year Portraits of Lainey

One-Year Portraits of Lainey

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing two of my favorite little friends, Logan and his cute little sister Lainey. These two buggers dropped by, along with mom and dad, so I could create one-year portraits of Lainey! Cool!

One-year portraits of Lainey, a really cute little girl, and her big brother Logan.

Big brother Logan and the birthday girl!

I love creating portraits one-year-olds! They are so darn cute, and most of them are so into showing off what they can do. And they are pretty proud of it too! Some are just starting to walk, while some have been walking for weeks. Others just want to see what they can get into (or away from) either by walking or crawling. Anyway, you look at it, they’re simply adorable! I’m so lucky these past 31 years as a children’s photographer, I’ve seen hundreds of these cute little one-year-olds! They are certainly one of my favorite portrait subjects, that’s for sure!

Miss Lainey is sporting a cold right now, so she wasn’t her normal, perky self on this Friday morning. However, her Uncle Mike still managed to capture some pretty cute images of her, especially the photographs with her big brother Logan.

Lainey wasn’t even that thrilled with the big birthday cake and balloons that she had all to herself. Shortly afterward, it was decided that she’s a pie girl, not a cake girl. Her birthday party is today, so they can confirm that hypothesis with lots of witnesses.

One-year portraits of Lainey, crying by her birthday cake and pink balloons.

I’m a pie girl, not a cake girl!

As I love to do on these special occasions, I’ve created a highlight music video of the one-year portraits of Lainey. Despite her “off day”, Lainey and her brother Logan are still pretty darn cute, even when she’s crying!

Happy Birthday, Lainey!

Joannie & I hope that you have a wonderful birthday party and also hope that you do decide to have some of your birthday cake. After all, cake, especially chocolate cake, has all of the food groups in it! 🙂 – M&J

“One Year Portraits of Lainey” – © 2017 Michael Anderson Photography.

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