Easter Bunny Portraits of Lucy

Easter Bunny Portraits starring Lucy!

A cute story about Easter Bunny Portraits of Lucy. Miss Lucy dropped by on Saturday for her annual Easter Bunny portraits. She brought mom and grandma along to watch “the show.”

A cute two and a half year old girl and two live bunnies for her Easter portraits.

Lucy along with bunnies “Hop” and “Carrot.”

Lucy was not so sure about these little furry things that could move all by themselves and she had to slowly (and I mean slowly) get warmed up to the idea of being next to them at all let alone be photographed near them!

It looked for a while as if we would have to include mom or grandma in her Easter Bunny portraits (there actually are a couple of cameos of mom and grandma in there), but eventually Lucy made enough stops on her trips around the camera room to actually document that she and the bunnies were in the same location at the same time! Cute.

Miss Lucy was here to visit our bunnies last year and you can view those cute Easter bunny portraits here.

Here are the highlights of Lucy’s 2014 Easter Bunny portraits!

Our annual Easter Bunny Portraits help raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf by donating our session fees go directly to Ralph Reeder.

The Bunny Portrait Session Fee is $30 and to say thank you, we give you a free 8×10 from your favorite pose. Or for a $50 donation, you’ll receive two 8×10 prints of your choice! Please make your donation check out directly to Ralph Reeder Food Shelf. Thank you!


“Easter Bunny Portraits starring Lucy!” – Images and video ©2014 Michael Anderson Photography.

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